ORP Improves Operational Efficiency

With our Automated ORP Systems you will reduce the blower energy by as much as 30% by not over-aerating.

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Stand Alone or Integrated

Enhance your system with automated ORP for positive Nitrification and Denitrification. A system can be customized for Activated Sludge and/or SBR Treatment Plants, and can either be integrated into your current controls or as a stand-alone unit.

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Keep Your Plant In Compliance

The ORP System is easy to operate and modify giving you total control to meet the biological demand of your system.

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Automated ORP

As in fluent enters the basin, activated sludge provides the necessary bacteria or biomass for the biological reactions that result from manipulation of the oxic, anoxic and anaerobic phases. The changes between phases are automated based on real-time DO and ORP readings. During the oxic stage, the blowers add sufficient oxygen to the mixture to obtain a DO value on 2.0 ppm. During this time when the DO is high, the ORP increases to a predetermined set point and turns the blowers off. During the oxic stage, nitrification occurs, converting ammonias to nitrates and water. After the blowers shut off, the process enters the anoxic stage and DO drops to an undetectable amount. During this time, the nitrates reduce to nitrogen gas, producing oxygen, which is used in the respiration of the denitrifying organisms. When there is no more free oxygen, the basin enters the anearobic stage, and bacteria become stressed and release orthophosphate. At a low enough ORP level, the system triggers the blowers and oxygen is re-introduced into the basin. Then the basin is back in the oxic phase and the stressed bacteria reabsorb the phosphorus, but at 2 to 3 times the normal rate! The phosphorus is removed when the sludge is wasted.